Quantum Rush Evolve Rule

Quantum Rush is a revival of the futuristic racing game. It features practice racing (just you and the track), speed racing (no track boosts, only engine power and maneuvering), and death racing (use on-track boosts and vehicle weaponry to survive to the finish). Multiple types of vehicles are available, which are customizable both functionally through research and aesthetically through purchasing with virtual funds.

While racing games have been nowhere near a favorite for myself in the past and Quantum Rush itself is merely in beta, I have been enjoying playing Quantum Rush. :)

I have submitted the following game rule to Evolve in hopes of getting it tracked.

    <name>Quantum Rush</name>
      <cond name="is-launch-exe-present" type="exe-present" exe="QuantumRush.exe"/>
      <cond name="has-mainData" type="file-present" file="{exedir}QuantumRush_Data\mainData"/>
      <cond name="has-resources-assets" type="file-present" file="{exedir}QuantumRush_Data\resources.assets"/>
      <variant order="1" name="default">
        <if cond="is-launch-exe-present"/>
        <if cond="has-mainData"/>
        <if cond="has-resources-assets"/>

Note, if you add this rule locally before the Evolve submission is (hopefully) accepted, your status will appear to you as prefixed with "Unverified". I consider this a nice little change from the last time I wrote a detection rule.

Update: The detection rule has been accepted. :)

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