Minecon 2013

I had a great time at Minecon this last weekend. To be honest, while Minecon itself was fairly fun and interesting, talking in person with people I've been chatting online with over the last two-plus years was the best part. I got to hang out with several other players from Minetown, including the server owner sawine (as cool a guy in person as across the internet :) ). Several of us had dinner on Friday, socialized at sawine's hotel room each night, handed out masses of Minetown stickers, and just generally hung out as a group or in mini-groups throughout the whole event.

Admittedly, I didn't end up taking out the camera as much as I probably could have. Was busy just enjoying being there. :p

Photos from my friends are hosted on imgur.

Tibia Evolve Rule

I've been a player of the MMORPG called Tibia for some odd years now. I'm kind of surprised that a place like Evolve, with the number of games in it's detection library, doesn't already have Tibia support. So with very little playing around, I came up with the following (extremely simple) game detection rule.

      <cond name="is-tibia-exe-present" type="exe-present" exe="Tibia.exe" />
      <cond name="has-tibia-dat" type="file-present" file="{exedir}Tibia.dat"/>
      <cond name="has-tibia-spr" type="file-present" file="{exedir}Tibia.spr"/>
      <variant order="1" name="default">
        <if cond="is-tibia-exe-present" />
        <if cond="has-tibia-dat" />
        <if cond="has-tibia-spr" />

You can learn about making, editing, and using rules at the Gamesdb Rules guide page on Evolve. The caveat with manually adding this, is that the the gamesdb file is regularly synchronized with an official version from Evolve, so local changes to the file do not last. As well, it seems like even if a game rule works locally, your friends will not see you as playing an unsupported game.

I have submitted Tibia for review to be a supported game on Evolve. Though I'm not sure I should have my hopes up. As Tibia is a fairly established game with a massive fanbase, I would have guessed if Evolve was up to supporting it, it already would be supported.

Adjusted the rule to more properly meet rule requirements.
Rule was accepted.